Digital Campus, provided by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc, provides students exclusive access to movies in digital format through a campus’ Learning Management System.


Digital Campus provides students 24/7 instant access anywhere to course-assigned films for required viewing by legally streaming the movie to their computer. Legally streaming movies:

  • Supports Media Specialists – prevents missing or damaged DVDs
  • Provides flexibility to students who can access movies 24/7
  • Frees up class time by eliminating the need to show films in class
  • Connects and services distance learning students

Films have always been used to enhance learning and understanding but with Digital Campus the process for incorporating films is simple and the results are immediate. Many titles address topics that are relevant to today’s classroom discussions. Use films to illustrate a point and bring a lesson to life. Enhance understanding in science, history, world affairs, psychology, the environment, music, literature, the arts and more!


Campus-Wide Access